I’ve been missing for a bit but I have been slowly working my way back to regular blogging on “Writing D”. I have a few ideas in gestation and will work on bringing them to cyber-life in the near future. In the mean time here are some gems I found from surfing the internets this evening into night. Thanks and much love to the original posters.

1)Garifuna Conference and the launch of the Resource Center: The good folks over at Repeating Island posted this link tonight about a historical event taking place in my home town. In addition to a conference, a journey to the Baliceaux Island, there will also be the establishment of the Resource Center in Arnos Vale. This is of especial import as it will provide a hub for important resources for already existing research on the Garfinua peoples as well as  for future projects. Kudos to the Garifuna Heritage Foundation. More information can be found here.

2) Also from Repeating Islands a call for papers on The Indian Diaspora in St. Vincent and the Wider Caribbean. This conference is sponsored by the St. Vincent branch of the The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin and will seek to highlight one of the under-explored areas of Vincentian history. This is a great effort from the organizers and I wish them all the best re the conference. I will be looking forward to hearing these presentations.

3) This brilliant interview with Prof. Evelyn O’Callaghan was posted over at SX Salon Small Axe Literary Platform. Prof O’Callaghan is a noted scholar of Caribbean Literature and brought Caribbean women writers into critical focus with her publication Woman Version. It is always an intellectually satisfying  and stimulating experience to hear/read Prof O’Callaghan’s thoughts on Caribbean women writers and this particular interview does not disappoint.  Thanks to Public Archive for the tweet that led me to the interview.

That’s all for now. As I said I am working my way back to blogging regularly and you will hear from me soon.