The death is announced the “Be-There Girl”

She was caught outside in the rain

Walking home, alone, after staying

For the souring of cake and champagne,

The smell of Squeezey

Clinging to her gnawed fingernails,

She was caught in the rain

Having to “slap tar” in well

Worn shoes at an hour that was

Too late to start singing the blues,

She caught pneumonia and died

After the rain soaked into

Her marrow all the world of excuses,

Of “sorries” and of faces that could

Hardly hide the shame of disrememberance,

The “Be-There Girl” is survived

By Un,

Unsent love-hate letters,

Unspent cash for stormy weather,

Unrealized, Untold, Unmade,

Understated, Understanding,

And a porcelain sink filled with

Unuttered truths washed down

By Unshed tears, sucked up,

Sucked up like a true trooper, team player,

The “Be-There Girl” exits stage left,

An immune system compromised by patience

And other invasive virtues,

She rests at the foot

Of an unassuming hill at the back-side of town

And her epitaph reads

“Dear World,

Find Some Other Sucker.”

©2006 Debra Providence