Badman forward,

Badman dread.

Badman rising,

Bad man red.

Badman watching

Badman turf.

Badman don’t front,

Badman splurge.

Badman chroming

Badman ride.

Badman blinging

Platinum smile.

Badman sexing

Badass bitch

She can’t slip up

Else badman licks.

Badman crossing

Badder man gruff.

Badder man calling

Badman bluff.

Badman swell up,

Screw up, grill.

Badder man packing

badder thing still.

Bo-dow was the last thing

Badman hear,

Death was the last thing

Badman fear.

Badman pull-up

Stumble then drop.

Dead-man bleeding

Block get hot.

Baby mudder bawlin,

Sister in shock,

Mother there praying

brethren shut up.

So now badder man forward

Badder man dread

Badder man rising

Badder man red.

©2010 Debra Providence

Note: First attempt at dub poetry in the spirit of Linton Kwesi Johnson. Inspired by the recent death of a ‘real’ bad man.