Scorpio descends,

Squatting on a rusted

moral pillar,

stomach stuffed and distended

with narcissus pies,

blunted stinger misses

mark that blind Scorpio will

not see and while Scorpio sleeps,

The Macrocosm still

burns along its orbit,

the periphery has shifted

considerably beyond

peripheral vision,

Stiff-in-the-neck Scorpio

may not oblige,

cannot comply,

Squat under the

weight of

bloated self-absorbance

Scorpio’s stinger misses,


youth will stumble

through the

streets of old in

unromantic isolation,

The Macrocosm wills it.

Earless Scorpio

retreats to a palace

of smoke and mirrors

with the dream that

the parochial is sufficient,


Thin ice it seems,

but Scorpio slights it,

and when the weight of

waiting Karma yields to

Universal Law,

bitter brine will swallow it;

blunted, sterile stinger and all.

©2006 Debra Providence